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Esosa Zuwa

Esosa Zuwa is an aspiring author hailing from Canada who writes fiction and poetry. Her work has been published on the Teen Ink blog, The Violet Hour, and she has written for The Prose Train. She is currently a contributor to the fanworks blog Fanficable and an editor for Sea Glass Literary. When not writing, you can find her gushing over fictional men written by women, fangirling over 20+ k-pop groups, having world tours in her living room, and attempting to navigate the turbulent but fascinating waters of teenage life. Like Issa Rae, she is rooting for everybody Black.


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In 2056, SCOPE is a legendary virtual reality game played all over the world in underground arenas. One of these devoted gamers is Eniola Adeyemi, a clever San Francisco teen who keeps her gaming career with her SCOPE team Rogue an enormous secret.When the chance comes to prove herself to her Nigerian parents and the gaming world, she leaps at the chance to go to Los Angeles to compete with her friends in the SCOPE Championships, a 10-day competition inside the massive and immersive VR universe. However, something deep lurks inside SCOPE and the mysterious hacker Paradox might be behind it. When they further investigate and get pulled deeper by new daunting discoveries, Eniola and her teammates are now reluctantly held down with a new challenge to fight and take them down.


Eniola Adeyemi has it all. A year ago, Rogue won the California SCOPE championships and has now won the national title to represent the US in Seoul. Life couldn't get any better for her with her family and friends to support her and an amazing boyfriend.But Paradox is back and out for blood and fights for a sentient AI called Enigma that threatens to topple over the world. After Paradox frames Eniola and Rogue for a crime they didn't do, they are sent on the run as fugitives who must work to clear their names and defeat Paradox. They find help in unlikely allies, including a covert scientist and a mysterious group of hacktivists who might have their own secret agenda. But digital glitches run through the world and threaten to tear it apart, and soon Rogue finds themselves unlikely heroes in a race to save humanity.

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